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Your Therapeutic journey with Geistlife

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March 3, 2016

If we embark on this therapeutic journey together I will invite you to …

• Explore your inner self and how you came to be the person you are today.
• Foster your inner resources so that you can embrace and respond to the challenges in your life.
• Contact the present moment fully without judgement and with compassion – the key to growth, aliveness and new possibilities.
• Gain a better understanding of how your emotional and physical bodies are connected.
• Break away from conditioning into ever-greater authenticity
• Have faith in your intuition, uniqueness and spontaneity
• Awaken your innate and infinite creativity
• Expand your awareness of how you relate to yourself, others and the world around you
• Notice the patterns you have developed for managing and coping with your life and discern whether they still serve their purpose
• Get in touch with the deliciousness of humour – at times a very potent medicine
• Challenge issues that are holding you back in life or simply help you acquire an encouraging fresh perspective.
• Trust the synchronicity of life - as there is no such thing as coincidence
• Tap into your childlike curiosity and wonder