Geist: NOUN /ɡʌɪst/ The spirit / mind of an individual or group

Does this ring true to you? …

“I want to break free from negative thought and behaviour patterns”
“I want to be more creative and motivated in how I approach my, relationships, career and passions”
“I lack a sense of excitement and joy in my life”
“I am more than my diagnosis”

So often we catapult ourselves through life, making the same choices without the space to acknowledge who we are, where we are, how we really feel and where we are heading. If you believe that there is the slightest possibility that life can have more joy and less suffering, then it’s no coincidence you have come to this site - it is not a chance meeting.

Hi, my name is Marina Ziff, a counsellor and creator of GeistLife; on a mission to promote and inspire self-awareness, authenticity and the power to make conscious choices in life.

I strongly believe that we all have the power to live dynamically creative lives, free from the blocks of our previous experiences. Acknowledging and resolving the separation within ourselves transforms who we are and how we relate to other people and the world around us.

I work in a holistic way by viewing you as a whole; a totality of mind, body, emotions and spirit. I do not principally work with a diagnosis to put you in any kind of psychological category; my focus is on you rather than the ‘illness / label’. To me you are the expert of your experience and my role is to provide you with a safe and supportive space with no judgement. Together we can explore what it is to be human, seek out possible solutions where others often only see problems. My work is underpinned by a philosophy of what I believe facilitates healing and growth: self-awareness, authenticity and the power to make conscious choices.


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